Welcome to the unvarnished reality of The Step Function – where we pull back the curtain on the sugar-coated world of growth narratives. Tired of PR spins sold as growth stories? So are we.

We’re here to drop the glossy images of butterflies and rainbows and give you the gritty truth. This is your no-BS zone, where we live by the mantra of data-driven dialogues, ruthless reality checks, and deliciously disastrous screw-ups.

We’re not about painting pretty pictures; we’re about laying down the brutal facts of business. So, buckle up if you’re into growth, but not fairy tales. Welcome to The Step Function – because real growth isn’t a straight line; it’s a damn rollercoaster ride: no butterflies, rainbows, just raw, radical reality.

Sinan Ata - CEO & Co-Founder at Exceptionly
Your Host

The Step Function's extraordinary guests are hosted by none other than Exceptionly's Founder, Sinan Ata. A dad of two, Sinan brings to the table two decades of hard-earned growth experience.


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