Frequently Asked Questions

Exceptionly is a hyper-focused company dedicated to solving your software engineering talent problems. It has an automated process for providing both quality and volume of talent, and it helps you eliminate the middlemen and ensure all of your dollars are working for you.

Exceptionly is a next-generation global software talent acquisition company with a talent portfolio of over 2 million tested remote software engineers and a track record of over 4000 full-time remote hires worldwide. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the software talent industry.

We believe “remote work” being the future of work, is no longer valid. Today, it is the work itself. Exceptionly enables 100% of the talent capital for skilled software engineers around the world by eliminating middlemen.

When any US technology company wants to hire a great NodeJS Senior Engineer, they pay approx $60/h, assuming they will be working with the top talent. Instead, outsourcing companies leverage the arbitrage opportunity and lower local salary averages in the emerging markets, takes 80-85% of the money, and pays a fraction of the talent capital to the real talent. We believe this is broken.

Exceptionly finds and tests the talent, then establishes a direct connection between the talent and the company using remote payroll and onboarding services such as Remote, RemoteTeam, Deel, etc., making sure 100% of the talent capital goes directly to talent. This boosts loyalty, quality of work, and productivity.

Exceptionly has an automated process for Global Talent Sourcing, Objective Basic-fit, and Hands-on Tests for solving your potentially million-dollar talent problem with only a handful of team members instead of an army of non-tech recruiters. Please take a look at our customer success stories and talent stories.

Exceptionly risks its dollars for your success and introduces the top remote software engineering talent with its automated process. Regardless of your technology choices, it only accepts a one-time payment per headcount after you make the best remote software engineering hire of your career. 

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Detailed documentation of Exceptionly’s transparent one-time success fee and pricing

1- Signup for free to Exceptionly Talent Marketplace, tell us about your remote engineering talent needs

2- You decide how much you will pay for each remote software engineer you hire or contract.

3- Exceptionly talent marketplace runs the engine, attracts the talent, and rigorously vets it with objective hands-on tests.

4- Exceptionly interviews and makes sure of the communication and technical skills of the talent.

5- Exceptionly provides a shortlist and introduces the talent to you for technical and final hiring interviews through the marketplace.

6- Exceptionly helps you onboard the talent and guides you with the best payroll strategy.

7- Exceptionly earns a 100% transparent, one-time success fee, explained here.

Exceptionly Talent Acquisition Engine does not rely on manual labor and non-tech recruiters, which usually generate noise instead of meaningful signals for your business.

It works in these five simple steps:

1- Exceptionly has full access and conversion rate knowledge of local job boards, LinkedIn job slots, and other sourcing channels in the important technical talent markets. Everything starts with spreading the word and reaching out to the top talent who has proven your chosen technologies’ knowledge and experience.

2- After onboarding, Exceptionly Talent Acquisition Engine starts with basic-fit tests, rigorously testing the global technology talent’s cognitive, language, and problem-solving skills.

3- Exceptionly introduces objective hands-on coding tests specifically built using your requirements and technical needs for those who can pass the basic-fit tests.

4- For those who can pass, Exceptionly runs the first interview to assure the quality of your interview experience and manually vets every candidate in terms of communication skills, domain expertise, and attitude.

5- All these talent acquisition efforts generate a super small shortlist of exceptional talent for each of your hiring roles.

Exceptionly believes in a minimum $15/h payment and does not work with junior talent. However, we’re happy to help you find other talent sources if you have less than $30K/year for a great software engineer.

We believe remote work should be full-time, multi-year, as this directly impacts our ability to reach the top talent for you. Our candidates can find our commitment to remote software engineering talent here.

Typical outsourcing or staff augmentation works for taking as much as possible from your talent budget. We don’t like pointing fingers, which is a billion-dollar industry problem.

For the exact services (finding the right talent, helping with payroll), outsourcing companies usually cost you 80-85% of your money. You could build a lot more and better by paying directly to the talent.

Exceptionly eliminates the middlemen and helps you solve your product problems faster while boosting the living standards and welfare of real software talent worldwide.

US technology employers have an average arbitrage opportunity of 50%-75% for key talent markets, varying based on location.

We believe talent has no zip code. It is equally distributed worldwide but has several elevating factors like STEM education, foreign tech capital in the local market, English education, etc.

While the average software engineer base pay is $115K/year in the Bay Area, this amount can afford a Chief Software Architect with over 15 years of software engineering experience plus engineering management and software architecture knowledge in key markets such as Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, India, Pakistan, or Egypt.

These profiles are fluent in English, while hidden talent has evident remote working experience as a cultural bonus. Unfortunately, location becomes a considerable scale blocker for many US companies. Exceptionly is built to eliminate risks and help you scale up.