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Technology talent has no ZIP code

We are your reliable partner in 10 key markets where technology talent lives

Arbitrage opportunities

Open your company doors to the exceptional talent of emerging markets for at least a 60% cost advantage. Headcount costs are the #1 problem for most US software companies

Population advantage

Unleash the power of 2M+ skilled engineers with fluent English who have limited access to US tech jobs. This is where our rigorous and automated testing process makes the difference

Remote-native talent

Remote work is no more the future of work… It became the work itself. Wast majority of our talent already has remote working experience with US tech companies and has a proven track record

How do we find the best of the best?

Our team hired over 4000 senior software engineers from the key markets in the last 7 years. We ran over 1000 face-to-face meetings with the senior software engineering talent in our key markets on-site just to understand talent behavior and priorities. This is how we learned the following:

  • Great technology talent makes above local averages everywhere
  • Great technology talent values professional challenges, infrastructure investments, and an exciting product above money
  • Great technology talent is not interested in freelance work regardless of the hourly rate. They prefer long-term opportunities where they can grow
  • Great technology talent is willing to take the challenge. They are not afraid of getting rigorously tested and challenged
Exceptionly only works with the top talent and checks experience using objective, hands-on testing at scale
Exceptionly team has on-site experience in the major technology talent sources and emerging markets

10 Key Technology Talent Markets

We consider these as the gold mines of tech talent after 7 years of experimentation

After a careful review of quality in Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, STEM, and English education, we started experimenting to understand which markets are more likely to provide long-term, sustainable tech talent for US companies. These are the key markets (in alphabetical order) we focused on and became experts: 

  • Latin America: Argentina, Brazil
  • Central Europe: Hungary, Poland
  • Eastern Europe: Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine 
  • South Asia: India, Pakistan

We mapped talent marketing messages, key universities, and key local companies and built our playbook identifying the best of the best who are likely to pass our rigorous testing and add more value to your company

Arbitrage Opportunities

Why hiring a remote software engineer is a great idea?

For most of the talent markets we are operating in, local salaries are meager compared to the US. These skilled engineers have limited access to challenging, high-paying US jobs. This provides a unique arbitrage opportunity for many US software companies because while a Junior Java Developer in San Francisco is charging over $100K/year including benefits, we could get you a Chief Software Architect with fluent English and over 15 years of software engineering experience in Java for the same amount.

We’re happy to play the gate-keeper role for you and make sure you are not receiving below-average candidates through our objective testing funnel

Exceptionly offers unique arbitrage opportunities for US software companies and startups by enabling tested talent from all around the world
Exceptionly offers the economy of scale for businesses

Economy of Scale

We invested in technology skills testing so you don’t have to

Only a handful of enterprise software companies have the expertise and funds to make our kind of technology talent acquisition at scale investment. Our business model is enabling all the benefits of objective hands-on testing and global sourcing for your business. No matter what size your company is or the tech choices you made, we always deliver on time.

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“Exceptionly was such a fast and efficient process. Complete game changer for hiring remote.”

Liam Martin
Co-Founder at TimeDoctor


“Great service, outstanding speed, stunning quality.”

Andy Tryba
CEO at Gigster

Is Exceptionly an outsourcing business?

No. We encourage our clients to do direct hires. We provide payroll consultancy and services in a 100% transparent way if our clients are new to remote hiring.

Is Exceptionly a database of candidates?

Not really, data is only a small part of our business. While we own over 2 million publicly available software engineer data evaluated, our power lies in hands-on testing and engineer-to-engineer technical interviews.

Is Exceptionly expensive?

Exceptionly is more cost-efficient than any other serious competitor who owns a decent technical testing funnel. If you compare Exceptionly with HR agencies who only do resume screening before endorsement, yes, it is expensive.

Who is the founder of Exceptionly?

Sinan Ata is the founder of Exceptionly, who previously built two global technical talent acquisition enginess and tested over 2.5 million software engineers in his career.

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