Exceptionly - Global Software Talent Marketplace

Revolutionizing the software talent industry

Exceptionly, Inc. is a next-generation software talent pipeline builder. We find, test, and deliver software talent for a direct-hire in 72 hours. Our service is free of charge until you sign a great talent!

Exceptionly invests in its enterprise-level talent acquisition engine and offers a platform as a service for providing both quality and volume of tested remote software engineers for businesses in the US and around the world.

We bring software developers and companies together with the motto “Talent has no zip code.” Having the competence to reach more than 2.5 million hands-on tested software developers from 170 countries, Exceptionly supports companies to accelerate their recruitment processes and increase their talent quality. We work as an extension of HR departments with expertise and a database in software talent acquisition.

We believe in

  • Transparent compensation packages
  • Remote work
  • Worldwide equal opportunity
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Vetted candidates: After cognitive and hands-on coding tests, a technical interview takes place. A list of only vetted candidates is shared with our partners to increase the applicant-to-hire conversion rate and eliminate operational overhead.

“Engineer-to-engineer hiring experience”: The hiring managers’ direct point of contact is one of our Senior software engineers.

60-day warranty: One-time success fee is based on the annual gross salary of the engineer. Exceptionly warrants replacement in case of the discontinuation of employment within the first 60 days.

Meet the team


Sinan Ata

Co-founder & CEO

After building two global talent acquisition engines for enterprise software services companies, Sinan co-founded Exceptionly for revolutionizing the talent industry. He wants to change:

  • Non-tech recruiters hiring software engineering talent
  • Middle-men businesses cutting up to 85% of engineering capital

Ergul Civi

Co-founder & COO

After working with Microsoft and Spotify for years building B2B sales teams and processes, Ergul co-founded Exceptionly to revolutionize the software talent industry. She wants to change:

  • Gender inequality in the global software engineering industry
  • Female software engineers getting paid less for tech jobs

Carlos Costa

Head of Engineering

Carlos has over 20 years of hands-on software engineering and management experience with an impressive track record of leading remote teams. Carlos owns the technical evaluation and engineering efforts at Exceptionly to ensure our clients meet top-notch software engineering talent, interview less, hire better.

Matheus Silva

Head of Talent Acquisition

Matheus is leading the Talent Acquisition team at Exceptionly. His mission is matching great job opportunities with highly skilled software engineers at scale, without spamming.

Gonzalo de Salterain

Head of Platform

Gonzalo has over 25 years of experience in diverse technology, leading multiple projects with tight deadlines to completion in major US companies. He can distill abstract concepts into creative solutions while managing global teams to create and improve value, production, revenue, and inspiration across the board.

Board of Advisors

Anton Basin

Member of the Advisory Board

Anton is a seasoned technology executive with 20+ years of experience building cutting-edge products and healthy organizations.

Danial Taherzadeh

Member of the Advisory Board

Danial is an angel investor and advisor with over 20 years of engineering management and innovation experience.

Cem Aladogan

Member of the Advisory Board

After working as an engineering manager for global companies, Cem switched his career to AI product management/problem solving with AI and dedicated himself to customer experience.
Sales & Account Management

Pelin Altiparmak

Account Executive

Pelin is a skilled account manager. She’s helping our clients get the most out of Exceptionly by providing a white-glove service on the hiring process, requirement collection, and billing.

Selda Sadak

Talent Advocate

Selda is the Talent Advocate. She relentlessly defends the rights of our hands-on tested software engineers. She is the single point of contact after our rigorous testing process.

Technical Evaluation

Touqeer Tariq

Technical Evaluation Engineer

Touqeer has years of software engineering and management experience. He will be playing a key role as a “final boss” to pass with his challenging technical interviews. He’s working on scaling our technical evaluation efforts and offering an actual technical interview to thousands of candidates we get on a weekly basis.

Farrukh Khan

Technical Evaluation Engineer

Farrukh has years of software engineering experience He’ll help thousands of highly skilled software engineers have a chance to prove their hard-earned skills in an actual technical interview. He’ll be the gatekeeper of our awesome clients and their high-paying remote job opportunities.

Serif Adali

Technical Evaluation Engineer

Serif has worked as a software engineer in various sectors and managed R&D projects. Also worked as a technical consultant to several tech startups. He is responsible for the technical evaluation of the candidates at Exceptionly.

Software Engineering

Ertugrul Yesil

Software Engineer

Ertugrul is a fast learner with C#, and Python experience. Nowadays he’s helping Exceptionly build a unique software talent marketplace and becoming an expert in Google Cloud Platform.

Customer Success

Mae Montehermoso

Customer Success Specialist

Mae is an experienced operations specialist with a proven track record in the consumer electronics industry. She joined Exceptionly for matching the top-notch software engineering talent with amazing companies.

Hadeer Omar

Customer Success Specialist

Hadeer has a great proven experience in talent acquisition in many fields. She is currently matching the best software engineering talent with exceptional remote job opportunities.

Cassandra D’cruz

Customer Success Specialist

Cassandra independently completed her research and report writings during her internship for Political Science. She moved to Poland and now fully dedicated to helping our fellow software engineers get the best out of Exceptionly.

Muge Ercos

Customer Success Specialist

Muge has studied American Culture and Literature and she has 6 years of theoretical experience in communications and culture. Now she is working with our fellow software engineering candidates for building a better career for them.

Trinidad Barrio

Customer Success Specialist

Trinidad has an IT recruitment background and entrepreneurial spirit. She is working on matching higher-paying remote jobs with our exceptional software engineers.

Maria Teixeira

Customer Success Specialist

Maria has a biotech background and a massive urge for changing the lives of our highly skilled software engineers at Exceptionly. She finds and matches great talent with awesome remote jobs.

Funda Yıldırım

Customer Success Specialist

Funda has started her career as a Customer Success Representative during her bachelor’s in Economics. She has significant experience in customer relations. Now she helps us to deliver excellent customer experiences.