Exceptionly - Global Software Talent Marketplace

Revolutionizing the software talent industry

We find, test, and deliver software talent for a direct hire. Exceptionly is built to revolutionize the software talent industry by leveraging its unique big data set of 2 million hands-on tested software engineers from 175 countries.

Exceptionly invests in its enterprise-level talent acquisition engine and offers a platform as a service for providing both quality and volume of tested remote software engineers for businesses around the world.

Exceptionly’s mission is to enable 100% of the technology talent capital for highly skilled remote talent around the world. We help businesses go beyond their zip codes for hiring the best of the best and leverage their talent budget in full.

Exceptionly Inc is a remote-first company.

🥰 We love 

  • Remote work
  • Objective hands-on testing
  • Clear, honest, automated hiring experience
  • Engineer-to-engineer hiring experience
  • Full-time (40 hours/week) remote jobs

😬 We’re not big fans of 

  • Office work
  • Recruiters
  • Outsourcing
  • Anonymous CVs
  • Freelance jobs

Meet the team


Sinan Ata

Co-founder & CEO

After building two global talent acquisition engines for enterprise software services companies, Sinan co-founded Exceptionly for revolutionizing the talent industry. He wants to change:

  • Non-tech recruiters hiring software engineering talent
  • Middle-men businesses cutting up to 85% of engineering capital

Ergul Civi

Co-founder & COO

After working with Microsoft and Spotify for years building B2B sales teams and processes, Ergul co-founded Exceptionly to revolutionize the software talent industry. She wants to change:

  • Gender inequality in the global software engineering industry
  • Female software engineers getting paid less for tech jobs

Recep Akay

Software Engineering Manager

Recep has over 13 years of Software Engineering experience. He runs the Talent Acquisition Engine of Exceptionly and makes sure your needs and requirements are fully implemented into our hiring processes.

Software Engineering

Yuri Laguardia

Software Engineer

Yuri is a Python ninja with a law degree. He is helping Exceptionly build a unique software talent marketplace matching great software engineering jobs with exceptional talent worldwide.

Ertugrul Yesil

Software Engineer

Ertugrul is a fast learner with C#, and Python experience. Nowadays he’s helping Exceptionly build a unique software talent marketplace and becoming an expert in Google Cloud Platform.

Orkun Incili

Software Engineer

Orkun is a curious Python lover. He loves Linux and is also interested in DevOps culture. He joined Exceptionly to build a unique software talent marketplace.

Customer Success

Mae Montehermoso

Customer Success Specialist

Mae is an experienced operations specialist with a proven track record in the consumer electronics industry. She joined Exceptionly for matching the top-notch software engineering talent with amazing companies.

Marcelle Pessey

Customer Success Specialist

Marcelle has experience in sales, customer service, and support. After leaving her role in the British Consulate in Brazil, she joined Exceptionly for building better processes and matching great jobs with great talent.

Melike Uzun

Customer Success Specialist

Melike Su has a marketing and communications background. She makes sure your software engineering openings are filled with amazing, hands-on tested candidates for you to interview and hire.

Kaan Er

Customer Success Specialist

Kaan has a talent acquisition and recruitment background. He’s a big fan of foreign cultures and traveling. He helps our customers get the best out of Exceptionly with great energy.

Nwachukwu Okafor

Customer Success Specialist

Joseph has over five years in Software Engineering and Technical Support circles. He works with the Talent Acquisition Engine at Exceptionly as a Customer Success Specialist to ensure quality results from client requirements are achieved.

Matheus Silva

Customer Success Specialist

Matheus has long experience in dealing with public needs and requirements. He is part of the talent acquisition team at Exceptionly, and he will guarantee the best Software Engineering talent on the platform to satisfy our customers’ software talent needs.

Pelin Altiparmak

Customer Success Specialist

Pelin is a skilled sales professional. She’s going to help our clients and fellow software engineering candidates get the best out of Exceptionly. She said “challenge accepted”

Muge Samci

Customer Success Specialist

Muge has experience in multiple industries, including IT, recruitment, customer success, and management. She currently works at Exceptionly as a Customer Success Specialist and is involved in every step of bringing top-notch talents into our board.