Exceptionly is built to help you focus on signals, let us deal with the noise

We deal with the noise

You focus on the signal and keep building

Faster & better

We don't use non-tech recruiters in our vetting process. Less human error, 10x faster and more reliable talent flow

Zero-risk policy

Out platform investment and global experience enables us to eliminate risks for you. No more upfront payments


No more a pile of fixed job boards and talent marketing costs resulting in only below-average interviews and hires

inside our engine room

Talent Sourcing Channels

Single-click access to all the talent sources available

We have our smart crawlers collecting every single piece of useful software engineering candidate information around the world using Github, Gitlab, StackOverflow, Linkedin, Job Boards, and Referrals. We match these small bits of data and present you with a massive talent pool primarily from the emerging markets around the world so you can enjoy both quality and the arbitrage opportunity and focus on what really matters.  We are continuously crawling publicly available development activity for over 2 million software engineers non-stop.

Exceptionly tests and experiments with every single talent source available including local and global job boards so you don't have to
Exceptionly talent acquisition engine is a 100% software engineering focused, automated process
Streamlining, prioritization and decision-making, all automated for you

The Exceptionly Talent Acquisition Engine is fully automated and AI-powered so it predicts which profiles are more likely to succeed in your challenges instantly and allocates time and resources accordingly. This is exactly why we don’t need an army of recruiters. Send us a request now, sit back, and enjoy the flow. Read our frequently asked questions and answers here.

Basic-fit Tests

Let's not make you lose your time with a below-average technical interview experience

Our first step of testing is verbal English communication skills, cognitive abilities, and personality index. We provide a full map of candidate behavior before you make a hiring decision. Remote work is not easy, it is way more than just taking a sip from your mojito next to the pool with your laptop.

Every single candidate on our platform has to go through these simple steps so we can assure remote work success.  Once a candidate proves basic capabilities, we proceed with the real deal: Hands-on coding tests.

We have cognitive and personality index tests before we offer hands-on coding tests to achieve the scale
Every single remote software engineer on our platform gets hands-on tested

Hands-on Coding Tests

Less talk, more action

Regardless of technology choice – even including DevOps roles, we don’t believe in multiple-choice, we are big fans of hands-on coding tests. We also have automated fraud detection and plagiarism alerts. This is how we can successfully play the gate-keeper role and provide you the right profiles faster than anybody else.

We can go beyond coding skills and test the specific domain expertise based on your needs using our unique scenarios. Banking, Telecom, Billing, etc.

Screening Interviews

We got it, let us go in first

Although we have a couple of automated steps, we don’t leave things to chance, we do our own technical interviews and screening before we introduce talent to you.

We’re not only checking the basics here, we go deeper into remote work habits and environment, we do the coaching for fresh candidates who did not work remotely before.

We meet the talent before we introduce you for checking qualities and behavior
Final step of our talent acquisition process is to give you a unique interview experience. Best interviewees you'll ever get

Client Interviews

This is where you take over, faster and more accurate than ever before

As a natural result of all the steps above, we provide you the top 0.1% of the talent faster than anybody else. Is it enough? Although we are only charging you after you make a successful hire, we’ll happily return your money in case of failure in the first 30 days or replace the talent. Whichever works best for you. Exceptionly makes it easy to schedule and perform hiring interviews using its cutting-edge hiring platform.

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