How we planted 350 trees to celebrate business success

How we planted 350 trees to celebrate business success

Let’s get our facts straight before I start telling the story. Global warming is real!

  1. CO2 Levels on our planet have passed 400 ppm. This CO2 amount is more than it has ever been in the last 800,000 years
  2. Our fellow Americans are 4% of the global population, yet they produce 25% of the carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels
  3. Global sea levels rose by 8 inches since 1870

Celebrating Business Success

June 17th, 2021, my new business Exceptionly placed its first C-level technical talent to one of its clients in UAE. To celebrate, we ran a quick campaign on Linkedin and Twitter for giving away 50 free copies of the fantastic thought leadership e-book “Thinking Like a CTO” by a seasoned technology leader friend of mine, Umut Gokbayrak.

Although I insisted on paying in cash, the author of the book, Umut, refused to accept cash payment and kindly asked me to plant trees on his behalf instead, resulting in 350 trees getting planted to celebrate our little business success.

Carbon-Negative E-Book and The Impacts

Umut’s generosity will restore 152.43 tonnes of CO2 in the next 50 years for our planet. Here are some approximate figures to help us understand the CO2 saving potential of that

  1. Equal to 760,000 kWh electricity consumption
  2. The equivalent of 900 x 50kg bags of coal burnt
  3. Equal to 2,100 metric tons of wooden pellets burnt
  4. The equivalent of approx 130 roundtrip flights between San Francisco and New York
  5. The equivalent of approx 500,000 miles with a USA 2010 Honda CIVIC HNX Index:32 Eng:1.8 Cyl:4

Today, I donated on behalf of Umut for planing 350 trees to the Tema Foundation in Turkey.

I’m super excited about this kind of carbon-negative success celebration. Let’s do more of this!

Donation Certificate

Donation Certificate to TEMA Foundation on behalf of Umut Gokbayrak

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No. We encourage our clients to do direct hires. We provide payroll consultancy and services in a 100% transparent way if our clients are new to remote hiring.

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Is Exceptionly expensive?

Exceptionly is more cost-efficient than any other serious competitor who owns a decent technical testing funnel. If you compare Exceptionly with HR agencies who only do resume screening before endorsement, yes, it is expensive.

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Sinan Ata is the founder of Exceptionly, who previously built two global technical talent acquisition enginess and tested over 2.5 million software engineers in his career.

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