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Our talent has no match. Although we are big fans of DaVinci’s work, we believe nobody should hire based on a simple resume (invented by DaVinci about 500 years ago) review or interview. Our mission is to separate signal and noise as much as possible through objective testing and technical interviews. It may sound complex but no worries, we got it all automated.

  1. Seniority aware, tech-agnostic, hands-on coding challenges.
  2. Cognitive skills testing with CCAT.
  3. Technical interview with our senior engineering group with a live coding challenge in a time-boxed environment.

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“Exceptionly was such a fast and efficient process. Complete game changer for hiring remote.”

Liam Martin
Co-Founder at TimeDoctor


“Great service, outstanding speed, stunning quality.”

Andy Tryba
CEO at Gigster

Is Exceptionly an outsourcing business?

No. We encourage our clients to do direct hires. We provide payroll consultancy and services in a 100% transparent way if our clients are new to remote hiring.

Is Exceptionly a database of candidates?

Not really, data is only a small part of our business. While we own over 2 million publicly available software engineer data evaluated, our power lies in hands-on testing and engineer-to-engineer technical interviews.

Is Exceptionly expensive?

Exceptionly is more cost-efficient than any other serious competitor who owns a decent technical testing funnel. If you compare Exceptionly with HR agencies who only do resume screening before endorsement, yes, it is expensive.

Who is the founder of Exceptionly?

Sinan Ata is the founder of Exceptionly, who previously built two global technical talent acquisition enginess and tested over 2.5 million software engineers in his career.

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